Scrub Dish Cream

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24 Pcs


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24 Pcs



About This Product

Scrubbing Cream Ammonia, which you can use practically in many areas such as stain remover, kitchen and bathroom cleaner, car cleaner; It provides a practical and powerful cleaning wherever there are oil, dirt, lime and rust stains.

Solena Scrub Dish Cream: Discover Perfect Cleansing and Shine!

A clean kitchen doesn’t just mean hygiene; It also means peace of mind. Meet Solena Scrub Dish Cream specially produced by Solena to make your kitchen shine and stay spotless. Experience the power of Solena for a perfect cleansing journey.

Why Choose Solena Scrub Dish Cream?

Superior Cleaning Performance: It effectively removes even the toughest oil stains and residues, keeping yourdishes as bright as the first day.

Easy to Use: Get effective cleaning bv using a small amount thanks to its concentrated formula

Scratch-Resistant Cleaning: Deeply cleans vour delicate plates, glasses and utensils without leaving any scratch
Pleasant Smell: It adds freshness to your kitchen by leaving a pleasant aroma in your place after cleaning.
Environmentally Friendly: With our environmentally friendly formulation, we protect the value of both clean liness and nature.