World Wide Product Exports

England, Germany, Netherlands, Yemen, Guinea, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Dubai, Arabia, Libya, Ecuador, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Israel, Turkmenistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and much more...

Going Beyond the Horizons

Proudly produced in Turkey, our products have reached every corner of the world. Our exports have no borders; we have been present in different markets across continents. From the vibrant markets of Europe to the dynamic regions of Asia, from the exotic landscapes of the Middle East to the warm coasts of America, our products have been welcomed with enthusiasm.

A Reliable Global Business Partner

Honesty and trust are behind every export transaction. We are proud of our role as a trusted global business partner; delivering products that meet and exceed international standards. Our products speak a universal language about quality and our consistency has earned us a respected position in the global market.

Quality Ambassador

Our products serve as ambassadors of our Factory's craftsmanship and innovation, embraced by every country. With each consignment we carry not only our products, but also the essence of our heritage, our values and our commitment to excellence. This ambassadorial role is a privilege that constantly encourages us to go further.