Room Fragrance Sprays

Room Fragrance Sprays

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floral, japanese cherry, soft


24 Pcs


1 L, 1000 L, 2 L, 2,5 L, 20 L, 200 L, 4 L, 5 L, 500 ML


500 ML


50 Pcs Box



About This Product

Solena Air Freshener is a product specially formulated to provide a pleasant scent in your home, workplace and automobile. It is a product that makes you feel fresh with its lasting scent.

The Essence of Dreamy Scents: SOLENA Room Sprays

Refreshing your home, creating an atmosphere filled with delightful fragrances has never been easier and more enjoyable! We, at
SOLENA , offer you a unique experience with our room sprays. Discover a world of freshness and exclusivity with each spray.

Why SOLENA Room Sprays?

Nature’s Graceful Touch: In each of our sprays, carefully selected flower, fruit, and botanical essences are crafted, drawing inspiration from nature. Bring the invigorating scents of nature to every corner of your home.

Quality and Assurance: Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our room sprays, formulated with your well-being and comfort in mind. provide long-lasting effects.
Aesthetic Design: Our eye-catching bottles add an elegant touch to any space With unique designs, we provide both visual richness and a pleasant ambiance to the room Home, Office, Everywhere.

SOLENA room sprays are perfect not only for your home but also for spaces like your office hotel room and car interior. Enjoy the freshness wherever vou are.

Our Product Categories:
Natural Series: This series IS Inspired by nature- bringing the scents of flowers, forests, and oceans to your home.
Flower Garden Series: Each spray combines the unique scents of various flowers, creating a blooming garden atmosphere in your home.