Multi Purpose Surface Cleaner

Multi Purpose Surface Cleaner

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24 Pcs


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500 ML


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About This Product

Remove harmful organisms, germs and bacteria from surfaces. It destroys harmful organisms with sodium hypochlorite (active component of bleach). Does not bleach. Does not require rinsing.

Perfect Clean for Every Surface: Solena All-Purpose Cleaner

Keeping our homes clean, spacious and hygienic is a priority for all of us. But using different cleaning products to deal with dirt, stains and bacteria on different surfaces can be time consuming and costly. This is where Solena Multi-Purpose Cleaner comes into play. With its effective and environmentally friendly formula that facilitates house cleaning, Solena offers perfect cleaning on every surface.

Solena’s special formula easily dissolves oil, stains and dirt and purifies surfaces. In this way, cleaning processes can be completed in a shorter time and with less effort. Cleanliness is not only about appearance bul also about health.
Thanks to Solena’s antibacterial feature harmful microorganisms on surfaces are effectively destroyed and vour home offers a hygienic environment. Solena Multi-Purpose Cleaner makes it extremely simple to use with its spray bottle design. You can clean it quickly by applying it to the surface you need. House cleaning is no longer a complex and demanding task. Solena
Multi-Purpose Cleaner helps you save time and effort with its effective cleaning performance on every surface. while helping you to protect nature with its environmentalist approach. You can choose Solena for a reliable and quality cleaning experience.