Ultrasound Gel

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About This Product

Ultrasound gel is a type of gel that is widely used in medicine and medical imaging. This gel is used during an imaging technique called ultrasonography. Ultrasonography is a medical imaging method based on the principle of sending high-frequency sound waves into body tissues and imaging the reflections of these waves by a computer. Ultrasonography is widely used for imaging of internal organs, tissues and vascular structures.

Ultrasound gel acts as a communication layer between the ultrasound transducer (i.e., the handheld or probe of the ultrasound device) and the patient’s skin. This gel provides better transmission of sound waves through the skin surface and a clearer image. The ultrasound gel helps the transducer to better contact the skin, while preventing air or air bubbles from scattering the sound waves.

Ultrasonography is used for pregnancy monitoring, examining internal organs, diagnosing circulatory system problems, guiding medical biopsies and many other medical applications. Ultrasound gel helps to increase patient comfort and achieve more precise results in such procedures.